Leading Data Integrity Platform, Validity, Acquires Industry Leading Email Verification Network, BriteVerify

Validity Inc. | May 18, 2018

Validity continues to augment its trust platform through strategic acquisitions

June 12, 2018 Boston, MA–Validity, a global leader in data quality and compliance, announced today that it has completed another acquisition, adding BriteVerify – a market leading email verification network – to its data integrity platform.

Since 2009, BriteVerify has helped thousands of world-class brands including Oracle, MailChimp, ReturnPath, Marketo and Salesforce verify over 500 million email addresses each month which is crucial to building better client relationships and creating new business opportunities. This is Validity’s second such acquisition following the purchase of CRMfusion-a market leading provider of data quality software for Salesforce.com customers, announced in April.

“We’re thrilled to welcome BriteVerify to the Validity family,” said Validity Chairman and CEO Mark Briggs. “This acquisition is another step forward in our mission to help our customers trust their data. BriteVerify has done a great job over the last nine years earning the trust of over 20,000 customers across the globe who rely on their industry-leading verification services every day and I’m excited to welcome these customers to the Validity platform.”

With offices in Boston, Tampa, London, and Toronto, the Validity team and its leading data integrity platform enables tens of thousands of business executives across the world to trust their data through quality certification solutions, compliance driven offerings, and data tools and services that support IT professionals in resolving the complexities of data management.

“BriteVerify, a bootstrapped, high-growth and very profitable SaaS company, is exactly the type of preeminent business we will continue to look to welcome into the Validity family, as we extend our industry-leading position within the data quality and compliance market,” continued Briggs. “Given the continued global focus on data security, privacy, quality, and integrity this acquisition also reinforces our compliance with the highest security and privacy standards around the world, including TRUSTe, Privacy Shield, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.”

Validity recently welcomed Mike Volpe, CMO of Cybereason and former CMO of HubSpot, to its Board of Directors. “Much of a company’s data analytics literacy falls to the CMO and their team. This is a different and far bigger responsibility than just campaign development — effective marketers today have to work with large data sets, technology, and integration,” said Volpe. “Validity offers marketers a holistic platform for all of their needs versus one-off tools. Surprisingly, at least 15% of all email addresses collected are invalid—which means they are not real people. Adding BriteVerify to the Validity platform will allow marketers to create better relationships and get their messages heard by the right people.”

Validity’s BriteVerify services are relied upon by over 20,000 companies in over 150 countries and the security and privacy programs are compliant with the strictest controls set by customers and international regulations. Having been through numerous security and privacy audits, all of Validity’s offerings, including BriteVerify, are fully compliant with GDPR.

About Validity
Validity is a leading global provider of data integrity and compliance offerings that tens of thousands of organizations worldwide rely on to trust their data. With highly-valued products including DemandTools, DupeBlocker, PeopleImport, and BriteVerify, Validity is empowering organizations worldwide to make better decisions that drive more leads, close more deals, and confidently plan for continued growth. For more information visit, https://www.validity.com and connect with us on LinkedIn and @TrustValidity