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Time is money, take yours back.

Boost productivity, increase user adoption, and protect revenue with GridBuddy Cloud⁠—a workspace that streamlines any Salesforce use case.

Double your sales productivity.

On average, sales representatives spend up to 4 hours every week managing, inputting, and editing their CRM data. In addition, 60% of all sales updates are never entered into a CRM. With GridBuddy Cloud from Validity, Salesforce users can manage data in less than half the amount of time it takes to do so in Salesforce directly. See for yourself.

Do and sell more with GridBuddy Cloud.

Grid-Based Utilities Your Team Wants to Use

Finally, a Salesforce UX designed for sales representatives instead of management. Work in one screen instead of jumping from record to record to manage and update deals. Use this streamlined approach to close deals faster and spend more time selling.

Get Started Today with ReadyGrids

Boost sales team productivity immediately after installation. With pre-configured ReadyGrids, you streamline the ways you work with CRM data in Salesforce.

Trust the Data Driving Important Decisions 

When your team is using your CRM, you can trust the data you’re working with. Create a flexible forecasting workspace directly in Salesforce that gives you visibility into every deal included in the roll-up. 

“If you want to accelerate the productivity of your teams, you need GridBuddy Cloud.”

Steven Cox, Manager of Global Sales Tools Strategy, NetApp

Boost sales representative productivity and trust the data you work with.

Our data interaction solution integrates the data your sales team needs into one simple view so that they can get their work done quickly. Easily configurable, GridBuddy Cloud presents users with a single view to manage all of the data they need on one screen. 

Grids and charts span across multiple objects, only showing the fields and records that are relevant for the task at hand. Take back what’s yours with an editable workspace that’s designed to streamline any Salesforce use case. 

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Boost productivity, increase user adoption, and protect revenue with GridBuddy Cloud⁠—a workspace that streamlines any Salesforce use case.



BriteVerify email verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time


The #1 global data quality tool used by thousands of Salesforce admins


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GridBuddy Cloud

Transform how you interact with your data through the versatility of grids.

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World-class deliverability applications to optimize email marketing programs

Trust Assessments

A revolutionary new solution for assessing Salesforce data quality


Validity for Email

Increase inbox placement and maximize subscriber reach with clean and actionable data

Validity for Data Management

Simplify data management with solutions that improve data quality and increase CRM adoption

Validity for Sales Productivity

Give your sales team back hours per day with tools designed to increase productivity and mitigate pipeline risks in real-time

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