6 Strategies to Reach More Subscriber Inboxes (and Avoid the Spam Folder!)

April 18, 2023
12pm ET / 9am PT / 5pm UK

Bad news, email fans: Email deliverability is harder than ever in 2023. (We can blame factors like MPP, skyrocketing email volumes, and tough economic conditions.)

When you crunch the numbers, poor deliverability costs the average email program over $15,000 for every million emails sent. That’s a lot of cheddar.

Luckily, we’ve got answers. In this episode of Inbox Insiders, Senior Email Strategist Rafael Viana gives senders practical tips to overcome deliverability obstacles and reach more inboxes in 2023.

(Remember, more inboxes = more clicks and conversions.)

Tune in for details on:

  • A look at deliverability benchmarks by region and industry
  • The right (and wrong) metrics to measure email deliverability
  • Easy steps to avoid blocklists and spam triggers
  • Email authentication protocols to help you land in more inboxes

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Maggie Bean

Product Marketing Manager, Validity


Rafael Viana

Senior Email Strategist, Validity