The Q4 Sender Showdown: Email Strategies to Dominate the Inbox in a Revenue-Critical Period

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Are you prepared to battle your way to the top of the inbox in Q4?

In this revenue-critical period, most email marketers pull out all the stops to win clicks and conversions. Unfortunately, your competitors are doing the same—and this holiday sales season promises to be the toughest yet for marketers.

Global sending volumes have risen by 82% in the past two years alone—meaning it’s easier than ever for your emails to get lost in the inbox. Plus, Apple’s MPP and shaky economic conditions are making it difficult to deliver solid campaign results.
For the tactical insights and strategic recommendations you need to dominate the inbox in Q4, join this session led by Kate Adams, SVP of Marketing at Validity.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • The current state of the email landscape—including performance metrics you can’t afford to ignore
  • How industry trends and curveballs like Apple’s MPP, BIMI, and more will impact your success
  • Strategies to deliver more personalized email experiences that win clicks and conversions
  • Dynamic content tactics to drive engagement directly within your emails
  • Tips to catch reputation and deliverability issues early, before they sink your performance