State of Email, Ep. 43: Deliverability Benchmarks: The real cost of missing the inbox

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Validity’s highly anticipated Deliverability Benchmark report is hot off the presses—and unfortunately for senders, our findings show deliverability is only getting harder.

One in every six legitimate, permission-based marketing emails fails to reach the inbox. Since the average revenue per email is around $0.10, this failure has costly consequences!

So, how can senders overcome the deliverability dilemma and secure their spot in the inbox?

On April’s episode of State of Email Live, global deliverability experts and Validity partners Steve Henderson (Emarsys), Seth Charles (Iterable) and Steve Lunniss (Cordial) joined Guy Hanson to break down the report’s most fascinating findings. They revealed the most important factors driving both global and regional deliverability—and what senders can do to move their IPR needle closer to 100%!

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • Why deliverability is getting more difficult by the day (especially for B2B senders)
  • The most aggressive mailbox provider for email filtering
  • The best (and worst) regions for deliverability
  • How big the deliverability gap is between top and bottom industry sectors (hint: it’s bigger than you’d think!)