State of Email, Ep. 41: Valentine’s Edition

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Did you know Valentine’s Day is the fifth largest consumer spending event in the United States? In 2022, US consumers spent an estimated $24 billion on Valentine’s presents alone!

But while consumers are feeling the love this time of year, email marketers are feeling the pressure. Gifts with short shelf lives, consumers shopping at different times (spoiler alert: men tend to wait until the last minute), and single or heartbroken subscribers who’d rather not receive Valentine’s messages make deliverability and engagement much harder to achieve.

That’s why we’ve consulted the experts on the State of Email Live Valentine’s Edition. Watch recording to learn tips from Hickory Farms’ Jen Partin, PrettyLitter’s Matthew Sieffert, and eFocus Marketing’s Kate Barrett to ensure your Valentine’s (and Galentine’s) emails win the hearts of your subscribers.

They revealed:

  • How to create the perfect checklist for Valentine’s success
  • How to avoid deliverability-driven break-ups
  • The best Valentine’s emails they’ve ever seen (and what made them fall in love)
  • Why you should let subscribers temporarily opt-out during Valentine’s Day

Plus, in-house email strategist Julie Stuck presented Validity’s highly popular global email analytics slot. She reviewed how email KPIs like deliverability, opens, clicks, complaints, and trap hits are trending—is our love affair with email still going strong? Or should we prepare for heartbreak?