Journey to the Inbox: Retail Reality [EMEA]

Faced with store closures and a customer base resigned to their homes, retailers have displayed their resilience and relied on email marketing to keep their businesses moving. And it’s worked!

As operations have moved online customers have followed. New account sign-ups have increased 2.5X, and even re-engagement rates are up as lapsed customers come back to purchase.

Of course this additional activity presents additional challenges. As volumes increase, maintaining good deliverability becomes harder. And even when those emails have been delivered, there is the challenge of driving subscriber engagement to cut through the noise to maximise share of eye and share of wallet. Not to mention new considerations as sending times have evolved, device usage has changed, and tone of voice has become so much more important.

Guy Hanson and Gabriel Gastaud from Validity, Tim Bond from the DMA, Magnus Eén from Westing Home & Living, and Kate Barrett from eFocus Marketing explore:

  • How do retailers think about email deliverability?
  • How much website traffic does email generate, and which channel is most cost effective?
  • How have real-life senders dealt with the challenges of the past few months?
  • Put all your questions to our expert panel, and benefit from their collective expertise!