[Data In Sight] CRM Data Management in 2024: 5 Key Insights All Companies Should Know

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New research from Validity shows that data management is more challenging than ever before—and admins are reaching their breaking points.

A whopping 25% of CRM admins said less than half of their data is accurate and complete. Worse still, the bottom-line consequences are increasing: The average company now loses at least 20% of its annual revenue due to poor data quality.

So, how did we get here? And (more importantly) how can we dig ourselves out?

For expert insights, watch this 30-minute recording featuring Validity’s in-house data expert, Olivia Hinkle, and Salesforce Ben’s Christine Marshall.

Topics covered include:

  • Hot-off-the-presses research exposing the state of data management in 2024
  • How macro conditions like privacy laws, job market volatility, and increasing consumer demands are impacting data quality
  • How admins are navigating (or in some cases, avoiding) AI
  • Insights on internal issues like leadership blind spots, data silos, and skill gaps that are accelerating data decay
  • A step-by-step plan for organizations to maintain a clean, actionable CRM