6 Steps to Prepare Your CRM for Q4

A survival guide for CRM users and stakeholders.

In Q4, sales and marketing teams are under the gun to deliver solid year-end performance.

In this revenue-critical period, your customer relationship management (CRM) data will be your strongest supporter—or your biggest roadblock.

As the amount of data businesses generate grows by the day, it’s getting harder than ever to maintain a quality CRM database.

To finish the year strong, download this guide to learn six steps you should take to prepare your CRM for Q4.

You’ll find details on:

  • Common Q4 pitfalls that undermine data quality and sabotage sales and marketing efforts
  • How to find and fix data entry points that lead to database quality issues
  • Tips to eliminate common CRM user pain points
  • Guidance to stay on the right side of evolving data privacy laws

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