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Servicing 47 states in the US and 22 countries across the globe, Terminix is one of the largest pest control companies in the world.


The Terminix team was eager to learn more about deliverability and best practices in order to improve their inbox placement rate, particularly at Gmail and Yahoo, which make up for more than half of their email subscribers. Gmail inbox placement was around 60 percent and Yahoo was suffering from a 14 percent spam rate, meaning they were not able to reach their audience.

Following email best practices learned through Return Path, Terminix went back to the fundamentals of smart email marketing.


By meeting with their Return Path service team on a regular basis, Terminix was able to get more insight into what may be causing their poor deliverability. Historically, the brand would send emails to their entire list, hoping to reach as many leads as possible. Following email best practices learned through Return Path, Terminix went back to the fundamentals of smart email marketing. They scaled back sends by only emailing their most engaged subscribers and getting on a regular weekly cadence based on product type.

“Return Path is more than a tool for deliverability metrics. Return Path is an integral partner who helps the email channel stay on a path of growth. Easy to digest dashboards coupled with ongoing support from a team of experts, quickly confirms how my strategies are working. That type of immediate feedback is priceless. Not only does it give me important data insights, it also helps me become a more confident, productive email marketer.”

Janet McQuarrie
Digital Marketing at Terminix


After six months, Terminix was seeing an inbox placement rate of over 90% at Gmail (a 30 point increase!) and nearly 100% at Yahoo. By reviewing the Weekly Dashboard Email triggered from the Return Path Platform, they were able to quickly pinpoint where their issues stood and how well their program was doing. They continue to use this on a regular basis to benchmark the success of their most recent campaigns.

The rejuvenated health of the email program helped Terminix Email program have their strongest Q1/Q2 results in history. There was nearly a 40% YoY increase in all of the key business performance metrics. Today Terminix has nearly a 100 percent inbox placement their four major mailbox providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, andAOL).



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