Learnings from Journey to the Inbox: Retail Reality

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Thanks to our three stellar experts providing timely and effective email marketing tips and data, our recent webinar, “Journey to the Inbox: Retail Reality,” was a huge success.

With their help, we shined a spotlight on the world of retail email, identifying valuable insights that senders can now apply to their own programs.

The webinar kicked off with Tim Bond from the DMA, who provided retail-specific learnings from our recently released “Email Deliverability: A Journey into the Inbox” report, including:

  • Email remains the central channel around which any retail digital marketing strategy should be built, especially with return on investment at just over £35 for every £1 spent.
  • Consistent with other sectors, smaller retailers typically find deliverability more challenging. 34% of small/micro businesses report their levels of deliverability as “poor,” compared with 17% overall.
  • Poor data quality presents the single biggest obstacle to good deliverability, and the primary cause is human error.
  • Putting the customer first, even at this early stage of the conversion funnel, is key. Diligent use of their data and sensible setting of expectations delivers improved inbox placement, while also increasing customer lifetime value.

Our very own Gabriel Gastaud presented some deep-dive research from Google Analytics, where he looked at the vital role email plays delivering traffic to retail websites. Key findings were:

  • Email generates a global average 11% of traffic but consumes only 3% of digital marketing budgets – suggesting it out performs other channels for cost effectiveness by ± 3.5X.
  • Email also generates more engaged website visitors – 5.4 page views per visitor (vs. 4.8 for other channels) and 69% return users (vs. 59% for other channels).
  • This presents a strong argument to spend more on email – shifting an additional 1% of digital budget to email would deliver 4.1% more web traffic.

We also featured customer guest speaker Magnus Eén from Westwing, a home and furnishings retailer whose business model is 100% online. He discussed the crucial role email has played in Westwing’s online-dependent operations. Some of his insights included:

  • Maintaining great subscriber engagement is vital. Over 80% of Westwing’s revenue comes from repeat purchasers.
  • Flexibility is critical. During lockdown, Westwing acquired many new subscribers who were traditionally offline purchasers. Recognising and responding to differences in how they engage and transact will be key to their successful retention.
  • Automation can be a double-edged sword. Great for delivering improved efficiency and engagement, but you’ve also got to continuously monitor it to make sure it doesn’t stop working.
  • Fake sign-ups are an increasing challenge. These are bot-driven, and some are malicious in intent. Identifying and removing them using techniques like hidden fields humans would not typically respond to is becoming an important part of deliverability strategy.

The top three recommendations for great deliverability Magnus highlighted in the webinar are:

  1. Belts-and braces authentication;
  2. Laser focus on subscriber engagement, and;
  3. Work hard to stay on top of industry intelligence.

There was so much great content on the webinar we couldn’t possibly include everything here. If you’d like to check out the full version, you can find the recording here.

Keep your calendars open for July 21, when we’ll be running the next webinar Destination Inbox: Green Light to Travel, where we’ll be shining the light on the travel sector. We’ll have Richard Singer, CEO, and Jon Kirk, email manager, from Icelolly, a UK travel comparison website, more Google Analytics research for travel senders, and we’ll also be unveiling a brand new case study.

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