Email Volume is Up, But Are Opens?

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OK, I don’t want to scare you or anything, even though it is October, the spookiest month of the year. But, in our most recent State of Email Live webinar, Greg Kimball shared a pretty alarming data set. As we approach the holiday season, he thought it would be prudent to look at year-over-year volume to see if we’re tracking on pace with 2019.

Friends, volume is way, way up, even this far ahead of the classic holiday email marketing rush.

As you can see above, COVID-19 rocked email just as much as everything else, and we’ve yet to stabilize. Email volumes are still climbing. What does this mean for you, dear reader? Way more competition in the inbox. Now, rather than simply worrying about whether or not you get into the inbox, once you’re in, will your email get lost in the mix or entice your recipients to open?

I have…bad news there, too.

Open rates are down. To color this conversation, though, it’s important to note open rates are generally equal to last year, which doesn’t mean people are simply done with email in 2020. However, keep two things in mind. First, this deep drop in engagement indicates there is certainly some email fatigue going on. Secondly, look back at the volume chart. Email volume is way up, but open rates are at their yearly average.

This means lots of unread email.

This doesn’t have to be news as dark as Halloween night. For the scrappy, this simply means there’s more competition this year, and more opportunity to prove you’ve got what it takes to break through the noise. But this also means you cannot go into battle unprepared. It’s more important than ever to be using a tool like Everest to ensure your reputation is on point, your engagement is trending positively, and you’re totally optimizing for email success.

Dive into this three-minute clip for more nuanced advice from Greg himself.

Back to State of Email Live…we also welcomed several global email success experts to answer our attendees’ most important questions. Knowing what you know about this year’s holiday sales cycle, it’s probably a good idea to watch the whole thing.