Validity Introduces DemandTools Elements, the Latest in its Award-Winning DemandTools Suite

Validity Inc. | April 5, 2022

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Today Validity, the global provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, launched the latest addition to its DemandTools product suite: DemandTools Elements. The cloud-based solution is a separate, lower cost option to the full DemandTools suite and allows businesses to easily dedupe data within Salesforce, enabling teams to operate efficiently with trustworthy data.

Poor data quality adds friction to the customer journey by increasing the cost of acquiring customers, decreasing conversion rates, and slowing down sales follow-up – which ultimately tarnishes brand reputation. In fact, the 2022 State of CRM Data Health report by Validity found that 44% of companies say duplicates prevent them from fully leveraging their CRM. However, with DemandTools Elements, businesses of all sizes can keep their data duplicate free. Empowered by healthy data, marketers can better develop more impactful campaigns, admins can complete data projects efficiently, and executives can lead the way to better customer experiences and more effective sales.

Other baseline solutions only deduplicate standard objects and can’t be automated. However, DemandTools Elements provides a dashboard view of a business’s current duplicate level. With this additional insight, users have the ability to control how duplicates are identified and how each field value is handled. They can also easily find and merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects with advanced matching algorithms, custom master record selection, and field level data retention rules. Furthermore, DemandTools Elements ensures the CRM only holds unique records and retains the information users will need.

Key features include:
Duplicate dashboard: Businesses can now see the current total number of duplicates for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities, and quickly access saved scenarios to take immediate action or see when they’re scheduled to run next.
Comparison types: Users have access to 25+ exact, fuzzy, and customizable matching algorithms to match field values including acronyms – like H.P. to Hewlett Packard – and nicknames – like Jeff to Jeffrey.
Pre-configured matching rules: Users can identify duplicates on day one with no configuration required, but with the freedom to modify settings to meet their specific data needs, allowing them to prepare for the unexpected.

“Solutions like DemandTools Elements play a crucial role in automating a company’s CRM strategy – particularly for small businesses that may be faced with the challenge of operating with fewer resources and smaller staff,” said Chris Hyde, Global Head of Data Solutions at Validity. “Data health is at the core of a business and, if compromised, can cause a devastating ripple effect that impacts the bottom line. With the support of DemandTools Elements, companies can ensure their data remains their most valuable asset in achieving their overarching CRM goals.”

“The DemandTools Elements dedupe model is the jewel in the crown of the DemandTools suite,” said Mike Peppou, Head of Business Solutions at UNICEF. “As a non-profit with high volumes of data coming from many external sources, the only way to stay on top of duplicates is through automation. DemandTools has allowed us to build complex rules to automatically eliminate the vast majority of duplicates and flag those that need to be manually checked. It’s a cornerstone of our data management strategy.”

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For over 20 years, tens of thousands of organizations throughout the world have relied on Validity solutions to target, contact, engage, and keep customers – using trustworthy data as a key advantage. The Validity flagship products – DemandToolsBriteVerifyEverest, and GridBuddy Connect – are all highly rated solutions for CRM data management, email address verification, inbox deliverability and avoiding the spam folder, and grid CRM applications. These solutions deliver smarter campaigns, more qualified leads, more productive sales, and ultimately faster growth. For more information, visit and connect with us on LinkedInInstagram, and Twitter.

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