2020 Email Deliverability Benchmark

One in six messages are not reaching the inbox. How does your email program compare?

Although email is the marketing channel with the highest ROI, messages need to actually reach the inbox to take advantage of this return According to our latest research, on average, one in six messages are not reaching the inbox.  How does your email program compare 

In our eighth annual deliverability benchmark, we analyzed the performance of over 2 billion email messages sent in 2019 from thousands of senders in over a dozen industries to see how many emails were delivered to the inbox, spam, or blocked altogether. 

Download the report to discover: 

  • What is deliverability and how it’s measured 
  • What can happen to an email after you hit send 
  • Globally, how many emails land in the inbox and the spam filter on average 
  • Deliverability statistics for 30 individual countries 
  • And more! 

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