Consulting Services

Engage with our email strategists to elevate your email program.

Custom engagement that drives results

Return Path’s Consulting team is made up of the best minds in email. With backgrounds from around the email ecosystem, our consulting team builds custom engagements that drive results for your email marketing program.

Our Team Can Help

Our global consulting team email experience spanning five countries across three continents. Whether you are in Europe, North America, or South America, this team has you covered.

Our custom solutions are designed to take our clients’ email programs to the next level. Whether we’re providing additional visibility, fine-tuning the program, or assisting in a complete overhaul, our insights and recommendations are digestible, practical and crafted for marketers to act upon.

Our projects cover all-things-email, including:
  • Enhancing the Subscriber Experience

  • Improving Engagement and ROI

  • Analyzing Deliverability and Optimizing Inbox Placement

  • Evaluating Email Program Risks and Opportunities

  • Facilitating Migrations to New Platforms and IPs

We Know Email

These email industry experts have backgrounds coming from their experience as:

  • Postmasters for major mailbox providers
  • Analysts for large ESPs
  • Email Marketing Managers for Fortune 500 retailers
  • Consultants for well known marketing agencies
  • Technical Advisors for large B2B firms

You can engage this elite team of email strategists to elevate your email program and drive ROI through:

One Time Projects

Available to anyone, our Professional Services team provides deep-dive project solutions to address a specific concern or area of optimization.

Recurring Consulting Services

For clients who have managed services with us, you can add an Email Strategist to your account team to provide you with additional analytic insights and strategic guidance – all customized to the needs of your email program.

“We were extremely impressed with Return Path’s Professional Services Team. They had a deep understanding of our business and provided achievable short-term and long-term tactical insights that will undoubtedly improve the effectiveness of our email marketing strategy.”

One Kings Lane

Reaching the inbox doesn’t have to be a challenge.

With Return Path from Validity, we help ensure your delivered messages are actually delivered to the inbox, not the spam folder, increasing customer engagement and email program ROI.



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