The Ultimate Marketing Operations Toolkit

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Overcome the latest operations challenges and position your team for maximum return on marketing investment.

Marketing teams need more than just slick headlines and eye-catching creative. (Gasp.)

They need to collect, store, and manage growing amounts of consumer data—especially as consumer expectations for personalized, omnichannel experiences rise.

In this arena, marketing operations professionals are the heroes. But they’re often working with a CRM filled with duplicate, incomplete, or erroneous records.

To overcome the latest marketing operations challenges, download this all-in-one toolkit.

What’s inside:

1. Webinar: 5 Ways to Combat Common CRM Trends: What We Learned From 1,200 Organizations
We asked 1,200+ organizations around the world about their experiences managing CRM data and uncovered five shocking trends. Watch this webinar to see why marketing ops professionals might be placing too much trust in their data quality—and learn what to do instead.

2. eBook: Clueing in on List Hygiene: Catch the Culprit of Poor Email Performance
Dirty email lists can sink marketing campaigns before they leave the ground. Read this guide for details on the most common culprits of poor list hygiene and expert tips to keep your list clean and campaign-ready.

3. Guide: 7 Ways CRM Data Sabotages Sales and Marketing Teams
Data quality issues often lurk in plain sight. Read this guide to learn the top seven CRM data quality issues that hinder sales and marketing performance, how to prevent them, and how to conduct a data quality assessment without draining time and resources.

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