Demo: DemandTools Find/Report IDs

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The #1 global SFDC data quality tool used by thousands of administrators 

This demonstration illustrates DemandTools ability extract Salesforce data to enrich records in an external file with the Find/Report IDs module.

DemandTools, part of Validity Connect, is a Salesforce AppExchange-enabled application your administration team installs on their desktop or laptop computers. Installation takes less than 15 minutes & immediately extends an administrator’s control of Salesforce data (including custom objects and applications) by adding:

– A five way, 100% flexible deduplicator capable of deduping and merging any table.
– Multi-table dedupe for Lead to Contact or Lead to Account
– High end ETL / Import modules that support XLS,MDB,UDL (SQL/Oracle etc) data sources and UTF-8 loading.
– Mass data manipulation capabilities without requiring import/export.
– Use the FindID module to compare an external data source (spreadsheet/database) to any Salesforce table. When dupes are found, DemandTools will return the object ID and more.
– PowerGrid module gives you even more data cleansing power!

Used by tens of thousands of administrators worldwide, DemandTools is the leading data quality toolset for Salesforce.

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