[Data In Sight] On (Data) Cloud Nine: How to Prepare Your Org for Salesforce Data Cloud

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Are you daydreaming about Salesforce Data Cloud?

Most admins are! It’s a powerful tool that can unify data from multiple systems into one to provide deep analytics, fuel AI, and more in-depth segmentation for more personalized experiences. But before you launch into the Data Cloud stratosphere, preparation is crucial.

Despite Data Cloud’s potential, many users make similar mistakes that keep them from realizing the tool’s full value.

But every cloud has a silver lining: In this Data In Sight on-demand episode, Validity’s in-house data expert Olivia Hinkle lead a master class on how to prepare to use the new functionality.

Tune in for details on:

  • Debunking common Data Cloud myths and misconceptions.
  • Free resources to help you understand your data quality and the trailhead Data Cloud classes Olivia found valuable in the learning process.
  • The importance of clean data throughout this process. (Hint: SFDC won’t clean your data for you!)