BriteVerify from Validity

Every great email program starts with real email addresses

BriteVerify is the industry’s longest standing and most complete verification solution

Our technology ensures you acquire a real email address upon initial collection and allows you to check your email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers at any time.

Here’s what you’ll get

Real-time, point of collection verification

Prompting for correction in real time, BriteVerify not only prevents fake and misspelled data from ever entering your system, it helps ensure you receive the right information up front.

List Verification

Upload a list of email addresses and verify them all at once in a simple, quick, and secure way.

Keep Data Fresh Within Your CRM

Combat stale data with the power to clean and verify email addresses directly within Salesforce.

What BriteVerify Delivers

Email, phone, and address verification prevents data entry errors and combats stale data. Verified contact data is incredibly important as it supports inbound and outbound communications to and from customer service, marketing, and sales to ensure a great experience for customers and prospects.

We offer various solutions based on your needs. Whether it’s existing lists or data at point-of-capture, we have you covered.

List Verification for Email

Simply drag and drop your existing list into the BriteVerify web application or integrate our solution with your ESP in a safe and secure way. Stop wasting money sending to stale email addresses, improve your sending reputation, and get more email delivered to the inbox.

Real-Time Verification for Email

Verify point of capture email addresses through our real-time API. Whether it’s via webforms, point-of-sale systems, or mobile apps, your data is clean from the start. Protect your sender reputation and stop invalid and risky addresses from ending up in your database.

Real-Time Verification for Email, Phone, and Address

Our real-time API ensures email, phone, and mailing address contact fields are complete and verified at the point of capture. Verify mailing addresses in the US and phone numbers in the US and Canada. This includes, phone number – cell, landline, or VOIP – and its location -residential, business, or small office.

“Real-Time Email Validation has allowed us to weed out bad emails without adding any additional steps to the user experience. Issues with unknown users seem to be a thing of the past”

Sr. Vice President, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

A misspelled email is a missed customer and a fake email is a real problem

BriteVerify is the recognized leader and trailblazer in the email verification space. We work with leaders in the email industry to minimize resource burdens across the ecosystem while complying with leading privacy and security standards. BriteVerify provides email marketers and CRM admins with the technology they need to maximize the customer experience, protect the email experience, and increase ROI.



BriteVerify email verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time


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