The Seedlist Optimizer isn’t accepting or processing my seedlist

If you have uploaded a seedlist to the 250ok Inbox Seedlist Optimizer follow these instructions for troubleshooting. NOTE: 250ok discards your uploaded file once it is processed. Consolidated results are saved until you choose to delete them. You can re-upload a new file at any time to revise your seedlist weighting.

  • The 250ok Inbox Seedlist Optimizer requires the use of a plain text (.txt) file. If you are using any other file type simply remove the header row (if necessary), list one email address or domain per line (you can redact the @ and everything to its left), and convert the seedlist to a .txt file.
  • Open your plain text (.txt) file and ensure there is a valid domain listed as the first entry in the document.
  • Go to 250ok Inbox > Seedlist Optimizer.
  • Click the Upload List button.
  • Entire a name for your optimized seedlist.
  • Select the .txt file from your computer.
  • Click the Upload List button.
  • Once the Seedlist Optimizer has successfully processed your seedlist you will see a number displayed in the List Size column.

If the List Size column still displays ‘0’ after processing please contact [email protected] for additional assistance.



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