How do I use the 250ok Inbox Seedlist Optimizer?

250ok INBOX allows you to monitor the performance of campaigns across a variety of regional and global email service providers, as well as hosting and filter companies. A feature of 250ok Inbox is the Seedlist Optimizer tool.

The Seedlist Optimizer gives you the ability to upload a real-world email list from your organization to 250ok, to help seedlist testing more accurately reflect where your customers receive mail, giving you a better idea of how your campaigns will perform across ISPs used by your customers by applying weighting to the 250ok seedlist.

NOTE: Using the 250ok Seedlist Optimizer will not add or subtract addresses from your 250ok Seedlist unless you remove regions from your weighted seedlists on the Customize Your Seedlist screen. Seedlist weighting is performed algorithmically and not via the addition or subtraction of addresses.

250ok Seedlist Optimizer from 250ok on Vimeo.

Use the following steps to get started:

  • Go to Inbox > Seedlist Optimizer. The Seedlist Optimizer window will show previously uploaded and optimized seedlists that you can reference for future use.
  • To create a new optimized seedlist, click the Upload List button. You will be prompted to name the list and upload a TXT file of your seedlist. Click the upload list button to begin processing your seedlist. Note: 250ok does not retain your data. You can also feel free to redact the ‘@’ and everything to it’s left – we just need the domains.
  • After your results have finished processing, click the View Results button to see the distribution of your users’ addresses. From this screen, you can find the number of recipients of at each ISP, and apply weighting to your seedlist based on the results.
  • To generate a weighted seedlist based on these results, click the Apply Weighting to Seedlist button.
  • From the Customize Seedlist screen you can choose to remove recipients based on region and type, and manually adjust the weight for each ISP and hosting and filter company. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save Seedlist to generate a weighted seedlist.
  • Copy or export all of the seed addresses from the Get Seedlist screen and switch over to your ESP and send the campaign you would like to test to 250ok Inbox. After your test has finished processing, you can sort the Inbox test results by opening the campaign and clicking the Sort By Weighting button under on the campaign’s ISP Overview tab.

If you have any questions simply open your 250ok Settings Menu and select “Contact Support” under Help Center or contact 250ok Support.