How do I use the 250ok Design BIMI Wizard?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) allows senders to have branding associated with their emails. Users with a quarantine or reject DMARC policy in place can use the 250ok Design BIMI Wizard to assist in adding not just friendly from names but also domains and images.

Users can access the BIMI Wizard by clicking Design > Pre-Flight Checks > BIMI Wizard.

First, ensure that you have implemented a DMARC record with a Quarantine or Reject policy for your sending domain. Check out our DMARC Wizard if you need to change or have not yet implemented a DMARC policy.

Enter your Friendly From name. This is just for preview purposes – your friendly from will be derived from your SMTP settings when sending real-world campaigns.

Enter your domain or subdomain. Similar to DMARC, subdomains will inherit BIMI settings unless specified otherwise. If a quarantine or reject DMARC policy has not been configured for the domain you will be alerted to this within the BIMI Wizard.

Enter your BIMI Image URL if you are already hosting it – if not, 250ok can host the image for you. After uploading you will then be provided with a BIMI Image URL for use in your sends.

The BIMI Selector “default.” is currently the only supported selector. Like DKIM, BIMI will eventually support custom selectors. Set up a BIMI DNS record at your DNS provider if you had not already – the BIMI Wizard will display this record at the bottom of the window for your convenience.



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