How do I use 250ok Design’s Campaign Builder and Templates tools?

250ok Design Campaign Builder from 250ok on Vimeo.

250ok’s new DESIGN tool not only gives you the opportunity to see how your campaigns will render and perform across a number of platforms, it also allows you to build campaigns directly.

The Campaign Builder screen provides options for building campaigns from scratch. Click the Create Campaign button to view options for building a campaign – either by selecting an existing template or by starting fresh.

Templates provides you with the ability to save a template to 250ok Design for future use in the 250ok Design Campaign Builder.

The 250ok Campaign Builder provides options for saving and managing revisions, as well as variants in the case that you’re A/B testing or making small creative tweaks. If you’d like to change copy, calls to actions, graphics, or colors, simply add another variant to save your changes.

New variants will appear in the dropdown, which allows you to switch between different versions of your campaign.

On the preview pane on the right, you can use the device dropdown to simulate different resolutions and spot-check your media queries. There’s also an images or no-images toggle to verify your alt tags.

After your campaign has been built, click the Run Design Previews button to select the webmail, desktop, and mobile or tablet devices that are most important to you and your customers. Click the View Design Test button to see renderings of your campaign.

The Menu provides options for saving revisions, viewing the revision history, managing variants, creating new campaigns, and renaming campaigns, while also allowing you to download a campaign that can then be sent to your customers.

When you save a revision, your changes will be documented in the revision history. Managing your revisions is helpful to see comments describing what was changed, along with the ability to preview those changes or restore a previous version.