How do I review campaign performance in View Time Optimization (VTO)?

You can review your campaign performance report within 48 hours of campaign completion. In VTO, find the campaign you want to review and select the right arrow at the far right of the campaign row.

At the top of the report is a campaign summary. This summary includes:

  • Status: draft, running, or completed
  • Credits: count of credits used
  • Delivered: total count of emails delivered to subscriber inboxes
  • Opened: percent of messages opened, based on total opens
  • Clicked: percent based on the ratio of total clicks to delivered messages
  • Complained: percent of messages marked as spam after delivery

Below the summary is Campaign Activity, a graph of your campaign activity by day over the life of the VTO campaign. Campaign Activity includes:

  • Delivered: total count per day of emails delivered to subscriber inboxes
  • Opened: count per day of total opens
  • Clicked: count per day total clicks
  • Starred: count per day of messages marked as starred
  • Complained: count per day of messages marked as spam after delivery
  • Deleted: count per day of messages , whether opened or not

Next is Engagement. This table provides both counts and percentages for several important engagement metrics. Engagement includes:

  • Opened: total opens
  • Clicked: total clicks
  • Marked As Read: marked as read by the email client
  • Complained: marked as spam after delivery
  • Starred: marked as starred
  • Opened Via Push Notification: a push notification of the message was opened
  • Deleted: all delivered messages deleted, whether opened or not

Last is Dwell Time. This table and graph tell you how long the subscriber kept the message open. The table provides both counts and percentages. The table rows, which represent time frames, are:

  • Read: the message was open 8 seconds or longer
  • Skimmed: the message was open between 3 and 8 seconds
  • Glanced: the message was open under 3 seconds

The table columns are time frame, count, and percent of opens.

For example, say 81 messages were opened. The first row of the table, Read, reports 19 and 23.5%. So those 19 messages stayed open for at least 8 seconds—Read—and represent 23.5% of all messages opened (not 23.5% of all messages delivered).



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