Your Engagement and Location Data Just Got Better!

We are excited to announce our newest Email Client Monitor features! We have added many new capabilities to our pixel which monitors engagement metrics.

For background, in November of 2016, we introduced a new pixel to our Email Client Monitor product—the Engagement Pixel—to give data insights into the geolocation of your email opens and the length of time subscribers spend viewing your messages. This additional data is extremely helpful in gauging opportunities for targeting, segmentation, and personalization.

We’ve now made the pixel even better by including new features such as:

  • Tracking of opens now includes city, zip code, and time zone—all in addition to country and US state. This more granular data is available in our daily data extract for download so you are able to further target and segment based on location.
  • Custom tags are now supported for the engagement pixel.  Create custom tags for your engagement pixel to track and filter specific segments, demographics, or any desired tag value.
  • “Average time on email” is now listed within the engagement page. You can track the amount of time subscribers are viewing your email (dwell time) and see how you can influence it over time. Use the custom tag feature to see how this varies based on different types of mailings and also see the differences in viewing time based on which platform subscribers are using to read the email.
  • Cleaner tags now reduce noise and provide easier navigation for reporting. Tag selection drop downs no longer include old tags, tags outside of the date range, or unused tags.
  • Trend engagement and location data. New detail makes it easier than ever to spot trends across segments, demographics, device type, etc. Track trends grouped by time so you can identify the most popular time of day and day of week that subscribers open your email.

So what does all this mean to you as an email marketer? Say you’re opening a new location in a certain city and have targeted email campaigns going to promote the opening. You can now use the custom tag feature to add the tag—for example, “Denver”—to the pixel in those messages to see how long those subscribers engage with mail. You’ll also get deeper zip code data to see if one area of the city engaged with the message more than others. Use this to target additional email campaigns, customize your content, or even as evidence to drive a direct marketing campaign to that area.

Or say you’re an international sender. By using the pixel to track location data, you may find that you get a large majority of opens from a country or state you weren’t targeting before. Use this data to improve your email send time to that country so your message doesn’t get lost in their inbox. You can also fine tune your messaging for the engagement you may have never known you had!

Want to get a sneak peek of this data? Download our free tool, Geo Email Monitor, which pulls in many of the same features to show you the email platform your subscribers use to view your mail and the location of those opens.

For more information on these enhancements, current clients can visit the Help Center by logging into your account.

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