You Don’t Click What You Don’t Trust

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship and email is no exception. When a subscriber decides to opt-in to an email program, they are initiating a relationship with that brand. Though the subscriber makes the first move, it’s the brand’s responsibility to lay the foundation for a long and meaningful email relationship. By keeping subscriber trust in mind, marketers are more likely to drive increased engagement and contribute to greater lifetime value from subscribers.

There are two intertwined concepts that relate to subscriber trust: security and confidence. Many subscribers have learned to be cautious when it comes to the emails that they interact with. There have been many widely-reported cases of phishing, fraud and hacks. If elements of a message arouse suspicion, subscribers are less likely to interact. As brands lose impulse opens and clicks due to moments of subscriber hesitation, ROI can be diluted. Marketers need to look at ways to ensure that messages are secure and come across as such to subscribers.

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