Yahoo to reorganize their European operations

[NOTE: The changes below apply to all Yahoo! properties in Europe, not only those in the UK]

Some of you might have seen the recent announcement from Yahoo! UK that beginning 21 March 2014, they will be providing their services from a single European entity based in Ireland.

As part of this change, Yahoo! UK will become Yahoo! EMEA Limited. This change affects all Yahoo! UK services including Mail, Flickr, and Answers.

All current users of Yahoo! UK must accept the new Terms of Service for Yahoo! EMEA Limited by March 21, 2014.  If they do not agree then their accounts will be closed.

The change could have an impact on deliverability for some senders with Yahoo! UK subscribers. Senders may see an increase in bounces, mostly invalid or mailbox unknown, after the deadline of March 21. Users that are more engaged with their Yahoo! UK accounts will make the change prior to the deadline, so senders that are regularly removing unengaged users may not see such a spike in bounces.

For more detail on this transition the following FAQ, as well as more information, is published on Yahoo's website here:

Questions you may have

What is Yahoo EMEA?

Yahoo! EMEA Limited (“Yahoo EMEA”) is a Yahoo company incorporated in Ireland.

What will change under the new Terms of Service?

The main change Yahoo! UK wants you to be aware of is that from 21 March 2014 the services they provide to you will be provided by Yahoo EMEA. As Yahoo EMEA is incorporated according to Irish laws, from 21 March 2014 the services that is provided through their European sites will be provided under Irish law.

What other Terms are changing?

If you use any of the following services, these will also now be provided by Yahoo EMEA under Irish law from 21 March 2014:

  • Yahoo Mail
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Flickr
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Yahoo Contributor Network
  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • Yahoo Maps
  • Yahoo Mail Plus
  • Yahoo Ad Free Mail

Why are they making these changes now?

Like many companies, the structure of Yahoo's business is driven by the needs of the business. There are a number of factors which influence decisions about the locations in which the business operates.

To encourage more collaboration and innovation, they’re increasing headcount in Dublin, thus continuing to bring more Yahoo’s together in fewer locations. Dublin is already the European home to many of the world’s leading global technology brands and has been a home for Yahoo for over a decade already.

In line with the expansion of Yahoo’s Irish operations, it is the right time for the business to change the Terms of Service so that they are with Yahoo EMEA.

I`m a Mail Plus or Ad Free subscriber. How can I obtain a refund?

Yahoo hopes that you don`t want to close your account, but if you do you will be eligible for a prorated refund of your current subscription. Just follow these instructions:

 Step 1: Cancel your current subscription

  • Visit
  • Click on the "Products & Services" tab and select the Mail Plus or Ad Free service you wish to cancel. 
  • Under "Action" at the right, click View Service Details.
  • Above the "Service Summary" box, in the upper-right area of the page, click Cancel Service.
  • Click Continue to cancel.

Step 2: Apply for a refund for Mail Plus or Ad Free 

  • For a refund please file a ticket with the customer care team here
  • On the help form select “Refunds and disputed charges”, then “Mail Plus refunds” (to apply for a refund for Mail Plus or Ad Free) and then click on the email icon. 
  • Please add “Objection to new TOS” in the detailed description field.

Step 3: Once your refund has been processed, you can close your account.

  • For information about how to close your account please visit the Yahoo Account Help page here .

What will change under the new Privacy Policy?

The principal change is that Yahoo EMEA, as the new provider of services to the European users, will replace Yahoo! UK Limited as the data controller responsible for handling your personal information.  Yahoo EMEA will be responsible for complying with Irish privacy and data protection laws, which are based on the European Data Protection Directive.

It’s recommend you carefully review the new Privacy Policy here.

What data is transferring to Yahoo EMEA?

As Yahoo EMEA will be providing your service from 21 March 2014, information that was previously controlled by Yahoo! UK Limited will now be controlled by Yahoo EMEA. This includes your Yahoo account information, as well as other data that was previously collected under the applicable Privacy Policy.

Will this change impact how I can get help from customer care, with local language support?

No. The customer care agents will continue to provide you with the same level of support.

What impact will this have on the Yahoo products I use?

The look and feel and features of your favorite Yahoo sites won’t change at all. The new Yahoo EMEA Terms resolve minor inconsistencies in the way old terms governed how Yahoo may use the content you post to public Yahoo areas. Please review Section 9 for details.

How can I move my emails to another provider?

For information about how to move contacts and emails between Yahoo Mail and other email accounts, please visit this page. 

How can I close my account?

Yahoo hopes that you don`t want to close your account, but if you do you can visit the Yahoo Account Help page here for information about how to do so.

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