Wowcher Partners with Return Path to Protect the ROI of Email

When it comes to email fraud, some industries are more vulnerable than others. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), retail companies today are more likely to report cyber crime incidents than businesses from any industry other than financial services.

The structure of e-voucher companies, a niche subset in the retail industry, make it particularly attractive to cybercriminals: upfront payouts, no collateral, and minimal risk assessment. And email—core the the online voucher business—is the primary vector for attacks.

That’s why we were excited when Wowcher, the UK’s second largest online vouchering website, reached out to the Return Path Email Fraud Protection team as email security became a top business priority.

“We considered the investment in Email Fraud Protection an insurance policy to prevent future phishing attacks targeting our customers,” said Steven Lunniss, Wowcher’s Head of CRM, Delivery, and Development.

Why Return Path?
Wowcher chose Return Path for a variety of reasons. Chief among them was the company’s suite of diverse email products, which empowered them not only to detect and mitigate email fraud but also to optimize their email marketing performance.

“Having everything under one banner was ideal for our requirements,” said Lunniss. “It’s great to be able to log into one portal and switch between products. The functionality, service, and breadth of the solution were the deciding factors in partnering with Return Path.”

Wowcher’s first step in the fight against email fraud was to implement strong email authentication across all of their domains. But with the IT and email infrastructure teams at full capacity, they needed help doing it. That’s where Return Path’s Managed Service team came in. Return Path provided a seamless DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) implementation experience within a quick timeline.

“Implementing DMARC ourselves would have been a minefield in terms of finding all the defensive domains, transactional domains, correct IPs, etc…Return Path’s Managed Service team made all the difference,” Lunniss said.

With DMARC in place, Wowcher had visibility into—and control over—their entire email ecosystem for the first time. In addition, Return Path’s team regularly provided Wowcher with actionable recommendations that helped them optimize the DMARC standard to its fullest potential and enhance the deliverability and performance of their legitimate email programs.

The Results
After working with Return Path to implement DMARC, Wowcher:

  • Saw phishing messages spoofing their domains drop from 15 million phishing emails a day to under 2,000 a day—a reduction of 99.9%
  • Leveraged Return Path’s exclusive network of consumer mailbox providers to avoid manually updating and managing multiple DNS text records for defensively registered domains


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