Word of the Week: Opt-in

This week’s Word of the Week is opt-in, where I highlight some blogs and articles dealing with opt-in and how marketers depend on proper and effective opt-in methods for higher list growth and deliverability.  Oh, and happy (opt)-Independence Day weekend!

It seems everyone has their own definition of what opt-in is.  Some people argue that by checking a box during the sign-up process that says they may share your address constitutes as an opt-in to anyone who shares your address.  According to Maria Pergolino at Marketo, this is considered an unconfirmed opt-in.  Want to know some of the other categories of opt-in are?  Read the MarketingProfs article to find out more.

Speaking of defining opt-in, Jeanne Jennings also reminds us that there’s no such thing as a “purchased opt-in” list.  This is list buying and is simply an opt-out list since permission was never granted.

CopyBlogger shows us seven steps to create an effective opt-in page by focusing on core audience, having your landing page focus on sign ups, including the essential elements like the headline, benefits, call-to-action, and opt-in form.  They also recommend keeping the copy as long as needs to be and no longer, and to only ask for data points that you really need and will really ever use, as longer forms reduce sign-ups.

Cable provider Cablevision is offering an interesting way for its television customers to opt-in through advertisements. Customers of their iO service will be prompted with a call-to-action to subscribe using their default Cablevision email address or through another email address depending on their own personal settings.  Royal Caribbean tested this out on a two-week campaign and gained over 3,000 email addresses with a 24% redemption rate.

My colleague Julia Peavy also reminds marketers that having a stellar opt-in process is essential to reduce complaints and improve deliverability.  If your subscribers aren’t opting in, or aren’t aware of the types and frequencies of messages they will be receiving, you can be guaranteed that you’re subscribers will complain and your deliverability will suffer, which obviously has the biggest impact on the ROI of your email campaigns.

Constant Contact announces a way for marketers to grow their opt-in list through the use of mobile texting.  Pick a number and keyword and people can simply send a text to opt-in to your email program.

What’s the best example of an opt-in you’ve seen this week?

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