Word of the Week: Email Tools

This week had three new email and inbox application announcements that appeal to users of both ends of the email spectrum, namely business and consumer, which help to save email users time writing emails, making email more interactive, and another connecting publisher to advertisers.

LaunchBit is one of two email related launches that presented their business at startup incubator Dave McClure’s Demo Days.  LaunchBit is an ad network that matches advertisements with email publishers.  Advertisers can align themselves with email publishers to deliver targeted ads according to their audiences.  Additionally, email publishers can also reject advertisers if they feel the advertisements aren’t a good match.  Email publishers can monetize their newsletters, and advertisers can deliver targeted ads which should be a win-win for both models.

Another email tool presented at Demo Days is Tout. Tout shows promise for sales people by creating templates of commonly sent emails to prospects, track response rates to these emails, allow for scheduling of emails, and will even auto-update your CRM system.  You can set custom variables for things like products to deliver emails relevant to a prospect.  There’s also an iPhone app already available which makes this a great tool for the sales person on-the-go.

On the consumer side of email, PowerInbox makes email interactive.  Much like Microsoft’s Active Views, PowerInbox allows subscribers to interact with their email from within the inbox.  For example, subscribers can view and comment on Facebook photos and posts when you open a Facebook mail.  They also support tweeting from a Twitter email, and viewing real time stats on Groupon deals.  What makes PowerInbox standout is that it works with major webmail providers Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail and is only dependent on the type of browser you use, in which Firefox, Chrome and Rockmelt are currently supported.  They’re also testing a plug-in for Outlook which means even B2B email marketers can share in the fun of interactive email soon.  Those interested in creating their own email apps should contact [email protected].

Have a tip on another great email tool? Let us know in the comments!

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