Why You Should Clean That Email List Now

by Rozina Hussain, Product Manager

Fake email addresses that end up in your email marketing list are both frustrating and damaging to your campaigns. Not only are you wasting time and incurring costs sending to that email, but it also affects your sender reputation and inbox deliverability for taking on that risk. Our data suggests that approximately 15 percent of all email addresses are invalid. This means that if you do not verify your list, your message is not reaching one out of seven recipients. However, smart marketers know that it is essential to verify your list before each and every campaign.

Here’s a few top benefits of verifying your email list before hitting send and how you can verify them:

1. Lower bounce rates: It may seem like any other email marketing metric to consider, but email providers, blacklist operators and anti-spam networks monitor your bounce rates and hold them in high regard. These rates are then used to prioritize your sent emails in the inbox.

2. Better sender reputation: A high bounce rate generally lowers your sender reputation, which can eventually land you on a blacklist and in the junk mail folder. By cleaning your email list before each campaign, you remove invalid addresses, therefore lowering your bounce rates and protecting your sender reputation.

3. Clear view into campaign performance: Emails that bounce-back cloud the picture of your campaign results – an undeliverable email will obviously never engage with your message. With a large number of undeliverable emails, there are no meaningful open, click-through, or conversion rates to gage your campaign’s true performance.

Oracle Responsys has teamed up with BriteVerify to allow you to remove invalid emails at the click of a buttonBut how does BriteVerify actually work?

It’s fairly easy to make sure the email address is correctly formatted (@ symbol, .com, etc) and that the email domain can send and receive email.  BriteVerify takes this a step further and connects directly to the email server in real time to authenticate if the email address exists.  This real time verification method is 97%+ accurate for consumer, business and International email addresses.

So how do you integrate your BriteVerify and Oracle accounts? Using this new integration is simple and requires zero training. Simply visit the BriteVerify app on Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace here to get started. Haven’t had enough yet? If you’d like to learn more about the integration, check out our how-to video or learn how to begin verifying a list with BriteVerify here.

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