Why Even the Best Email Marketers Need List Verification

Your design looks great on every device. Your subject line is insanely intriguing. Your call-to-action is on point. But how will your subscribers see any of this if you have their email address misspelled in your database? 

Even the best email marketers struggle with invalid addresses. Whether through misspelled domains, malicious sign-ups, or a myriad of other reasons, invalid email addresses are a common challenge that indicate poor list hygiene. Sending to invalid contacts is detrimental to your sender reputation, raising a red flag to blacklists and mailbox providers as spammy behavior.  

Confirmed-opt in (COI) is a requirement for any best-in-class sender and should be the first step implemented to ensure you’re collecting real addresses. But even then, there are gaps that can pop up affecting your email program: 

1. Legitimate subscribers miss COI email due to typos in sign up

A consumer attempts to subscribe to your newsletter and accidentally types their email address wrong. They are not warned (and don’t know they’re supposed to get a confirmation email) so don’t think anything of it. But then, they never hear from you.  

Solution: Real-time email verification within your point of collection prompts the user with a warning if they miss-typed their email address. The subscriber can quickly fix this before submitting their email address, now able to receive the desired emails. 

2. Lists go stale

You’ve been using double-opt in from the very beginning and have never let in a non-confirmed address in the past five years. However, as time passes, addresses are abandoned and eventually deactivated. Mailing to once-working addresses now harms your reputation and must be removed from future sends. This is especially problematic for occasional, infrequent senders who only check in with their subscribers on an intermittent basis (for example, annual statements or seasonal mailers). 

Solution: With bulk verification, you can regularly upload your existing email address to verify them all at once in a simple, quick, and secure way. This allows you to clean up your list before these addresses turn into a hard bounce  which could tarnish your sending reputation. 

3. Mergers and changes in personnel create messy data  

Big acquisitions are announced every week and staff turnover can happen just as frequently. When these scenarios occur, customer databases are merged and there are knowledge gaps in the quality of contact data. This translates to a high probability of unknown or multi-year-old data infiltrating your CRM’s hygiene.  

Solution: Before you reach out to any list that you weren’t 100% involved with building, it’s best to make certain the list contains only valid addresses. Bulk verification allows for phone, email, and physical address data to be verified and cleaned up before absorbing it into your system. 

4. CRM data is easily editable

We all make mistakes. With contact data being editable within a CRM, anybody can enter or change an email address and ‘gmaii.com’ looks awfully close to the real thing if you’re multi-tasking. Additionally, anyone familiar with companies with multiple CRM instances understands the potential pitfalls of bad data this can create.

Solution: With email verification built directly into your Salesforce CRMyou’re able to confirm email addresses are accurate and current at time of input. Users are warned when an address is invalid and can correct before hitting ‘save’, keeping the peace between sales and marketing. 

With each of the remedies above, BriteVerify helps legitimate marketers decrease the number of invalid addresses on their list. By doing so, we’re aiming to build a better email ecosystem. We understand the strain invalid email addresses place on mailbox providers and the problems they present for senders. We’re passionate about providing a product that helps reduce this burden by eliminating sends to unwanted and unsolicited emails, while giving email marketers the ability to mail to the highest quality list possible. Learn more about BriteVerify here.

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