Who Broke the CRM?

While shopping at an antique mall this weekend, I was surprised to see no less than six signs at the entrance with warnings like “You break it, you buy it” and “We break, we cry. You break, you buy.” A bit of overkill perhaps, but I get it. These buildings are filled with valuable merchandise and not everyone is going to be as cautious while navigating through over-filled booths or as careful when taking a closer look at things.

It got me thinking about Salesforce databases and the number of users who have access to them. The data inside is incredibly valuable to the company and not everyone is going to be as cautious when making edits or entering information. Not everyone is going to be as careful about keeping things clean and organized.

The question is, are they responsible for doing so? There are plenty of stakeholders who rely on the information the CRM contains, whose activities and goals can be helped or hindered by the data it holds, and who access it on a daily basis. But…

Who is Responsible for CRM Data Quality?

Who is responsible for keeping the data in your CRM clean? Is it:

  • The sales rep who manually enters customer data?
  • The email marketer who segments data for campaigns?
  • Operations managers who import leads or generate reports?
  • The senior managers responsible for setting company policies?
  • Or the CRM administrator who manages the database?

The correct answer is “all of the above.” Even if your company has dedicated CRM administrators who are your best line of defense against data errors and data decay, there are likely multiple users navigating through your system on a daily basis. Each is capable of breaking down data quality, even if it’s completely by accident.

Everyone Has a Stake… and a Responsibility

That’s why it’s essential to achieve companywide agreement that CRM data is important to everyone who accesses it, so everyone who accesses it has a stake in its quality… in keeping it intact and unbroken. To support that effort, here are data quality processes you can put in place, as well as standards every user can follow to help keep the CRM clean:

Follow Best Practices

For more best practices when using CRM systems like Salesforce, check out these resources:






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