What's Your Popularity Quotient?

I’m sure you heard the news. Gmail has launched Priority Inbox – a service that pushes the emails you love to the top of your list. And as you’ve also heard, Yahoo!, Hotmail (and soon AOL) have done the same. This means your email has to become the most popular kid on the block in order for your subscribers to pay attention. So how do you increase your popularity quotient?

    1. Hone Your People Skills. Send new subscribers a welcome message as soon as they subscribe to your list. This is your chance to make sure you reiterate the benefits of joining your clique and why your emails should become top priority.
  • Become BFFs with your Subscribers. Get to know their tastes and send them messages based on their interests. By reacting to what they like, you’ll command a larger audience that places more importance on what you have to say.
  • Become a Social Butterfly: Merge your social media with your email efforts. Include links to your Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter feeds. This gives subscribers other places to engage with your brand from your email and perhaps more importantly, allows you to extend the conversation while providing opportunities to showcase just how important you are to other people too!


Being popular is something you have to work at…continuously.

Once you get IN, you’ve got to stay IN or you’ll end up being a one hit wonder. In a world where you’re vying for subscriber attention, you have to remind your fans that instead of looking for the next best thing, they should be focusing on the one that’s giving them want they want right here and now – YOU!

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