What We Know About The Google Postmaster Tools Outage

**Update, 6/26: It looks like GPT is back up and running!**

Daily senders all over the world look at their email statistics according to how Google and Gmail users view their performance. From complaints to reputation data, these numbers are calculated and shared by Google with marketers through Google Postmaster Tools.

However, on June 13, 2019, Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) stopped updating without any further information for senders. At first, there was no panic as these systems are rather complicated and occasionally have hiccups here and there. In those instances, it’s offline for a day or two before someone kicks it and we start seeing data again.

As we approach week two of this GPT outage, rumors have started to circulate about the future of the GPT services. Are they discontinuing the service, is it getting an upgrade, will it ever come back?!


Fortunately, the answer is yes, the service is coming back. A source within Google confirmed they are currently working on the tools and will be getting them up and running for senders as soon as possible. At this point, no information has been shared as to the actual cause of the outage, but it doesn’t sound like the rumored upgrade to an API is coming as part of this. I know, we would like one, too.

As of this morning, June 25, some senders report seeing domain data beginning to populate, but no word on IP data. Again, this is only some senders, as other are still reporting a total outage.

What should we expect?

  • Data is expected to start populating in the next few days, possibly as long as a week. Based on what we’re seeing today, we’re on that path now.
  • Usually during an outage, the data that would normally populate during that time is lost. We can likely say goodbye to the last two-weeks-worth of data.
  • Once the systems are up and running, it will be back to the same datasets as before and your information should carry forward as per usual.

We’ll keep you updated here, so stay tuned for updates. This is Matthew Vernhout, signing off for now!

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