Episode 28:

2022 Email Predictions

Jan 12, 2022 – 12pm ET • 9am PT • 5pm UK

Every January, we ask ourselves the same question: “Is this the year email’s going to die?”

Fortunately, the resounding answer going into 2022 is: “Not any time soon!”

Both marketers and consumers continue to prefer email as their main method of communication. However, many of the factors that make email so effective are the same factors that make it so challenging. The ongoing quest for greater relevance, stronger engagement, and enhanced ROI means the channel is innovating at a ferocious pace. It’s hard to keep up with what’s happening today, never mind what’s coming down the line tomorrow!

That’s why we’re pulling together our global team of email experts for our annual predictions webinar. Validity’s Laura Christensen, Rafael Viana, Danielle Gallant, Sophie Jean, Sandra Schubert, Aaron Oppliger, and Megan Farquharson will gaze into their crystal balls, draw on their expertise, and predict the “next big thing” in the world of email.

You will learn:

  • What hot new technologies are arriving in 2022
  • How Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) will continue to impact your email program
  • Why empathy and social responsibility are becoming more important
  • What new laws will be passed and/or go into effect throughout the year

Hosted and moderated by Guy Hanson, this webinar will also feature the latest email and data trends. Register now to join us for another info-packed hour on January 12th!

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Guy Hanson

VP, Customer Engagement (INTL), Validity

Laura Christensen

Sr. Director, Professional Services, Validity

Rafael Viana

Sr. Email Strategist, Validity

Sophie Jean

Sr. Email Strategist, Validity

Sandra Schubert

Email Strategist, Validity

Danielle Gallant

Email Strategist, Validity

Aaron Oppliger

Email Strategist, Validity

Megan Farquharson

Email Strategist, Validity