Episode 23:


Featuring AstraZeneca

August 4, 2021 – 12pm ET • 9am PT • 5pm UK

Some email senders face a unique combination of challenges, such as serving a mixture of B2B and B2C audiences, messaging a diverse set of subscribers from all over the world, and even being thrust to the forefront of brand recognition by the pandemic. As someone who’s dealt with all these challenges (plus many more), AstraZeneca’s Craig Hood understands that even senders with great deliverability can never rest on their laurels.

On our next State of Email Live, he’ll discuss his approach to implementing a brand-new engagement strategy, starting with the importance of strong data analysis skills, the new engagement-based segments he’s defined using these insights, and the great results he’s starting to see.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why many senders still don’t use engagement-based strategies and how this affects them
  • Which data is most important for an effective strategy
  • How engagement measurement will change as pixel tracking changes take effect
  • The crucial role Validity’s data will play in helping deal with these changes

Hosted and moderated by Guy Hanson, this webinar will also feature the latest in email data trends, presented by Rafael Viana. Join us for another info-packed hour on August 4. Register now!

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Guy Hanson

VP, Customer Engagement (INTL), Validity

Craig Hood

Email & SMS Lead, Global Channel Excellence, AstraZeneca

Rafael Viana

Senior Email Strategist, Validity