Episode 21:

Email ROI

June 2, 2021 – 12pm ET • 9am PT • 5pm UK

While the email channel is consistently top ranked for its return on marketing investment, measuring ROI is harder than it seems. One third of email marketers are not confident in their ability to calculate this important metric, and even for those who are, failure to consider all dimensions of ROI can result in negative consequences for program value and future investment.

On our next State of Email Live, Hobson & Company’s Tammy Klein will walk us through brand-new research on this topic, including:

  • Why the email channel generates such phenomenal ROI
  • The main challenges that erode email ROI
  • The full range of factors to consider to accurately calculate email ROI
  • How a 20M emails per month program can generate an additional $1M in program value

Hosted and moderated by Guy Hanson, this webinar will also feature the latest in email data trends, presented by Danielle Gallant. Join us for another info-packed hour on June 2. Register now!

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Guy Hanson

VP, Customer Engagement (INTL), Validity

Tammy Klein

Partner, Hobson & Company

Melissa Dallek

Customer Contact Strategy Manager, Walgreens

Danielle Gallant

Sr. Customer Success Manager, Validity