We Know Email Series: Quincy Johnston

The following Question and Answer series profiles Return Path employees in a variety of roles and locations. Join us as we find out what they do, what they enjoy, and most importantly, what email campaigns they are loving lately.

Quincy Johnston
Account Director, Client Services
Broomfield, CO

What’s your role here at Return Path?
I have the unique and exciting opportunity to both work with customers and manage a fantastic team. On the client side, I operate as an extension of our clients’ email marketing teams. I help them to dive in, digest, and analyze Return Path data while making recommendations to their email program to drive optimal performance in the inbox and strategize around how email fits into their larger marketing programs goals. As a manager, I am working to develop my team both on their technical and soft skill sets, so they are set up for success at Return Path.

What initially brought you here?
This is always a tough question to answer, because I have so many reasons! Return Path has always been rated as a top company to work for in Colorado, known for its culture, professional development and more. I initially was attracted to the company was the role as a Technical Account Manager. I have a sales and account management background, but have always gravitated to the technical side of each business.  This role spoke to me in that I could focus on what I am most passionate about, help customers and still be able to build relationships.

Tell me something I don’t know about email marketing.
This isn’t anything earth shattering, but you might be surprised by how rare it is that an email marketer puts themselves in their subscribers’ shoes. A perspective that is so simple, cheap, yet has the potential to make an incredible impact on the success or not of an email program.

What energizes you about your role at Return Path?
Hands down, the relationships that I am able to develop and people I have the privilege of working with daily, both internally and externally! I work with an incredible group of people who are all highly driven and focused, which pushes me to bring my best and be better each day.

What problem is the most fun to solve?
Any chance I get to help investigate, diagnose and educate on an overall issue is the best. These are truly gems in my opinion, because when I have the opportunity to educate my client and set them up to be the expert and the hero in their organization… there is nothing more satisfying!

What about you might come as a surprise to those that work closely with you?
Not a hidden talent, but most are surprised to find learn that I went through a fantastic journey this last year as a gestational carrier for a family who now has a handsome and chubby little boy! It was an amazing experience and something I have been passionate about for many years, after seeing friends and family struggle with fertility. Carrying for a family who couldn’t themselves felt like a perfect way to give back.

What’s the most memorable email campaign you’ve seen lately?
I have been a bit of shopaholic lately, so anything from Nordstrom and their anniversary sale has been pulling me in!

What emails can we find in your personal inbox?
I’d like to think that the type of email I am receiving is eclectic… a little bit of everything. There is no shortage of Amazon confirmation/shipping orders, recipes, and crossfit tips from the PaleOMG blog, a blog digest from Gotham Gal, all of my favorite clothing brands, and a flurry of emails from my kids’ school.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Return Path?
I absolutely love the people and the dedication from the company to develop their employees!  There is something to be said about working with a group of highly motivated, self-driven and smart people. The team I am on pushes me to be better every day. The company I work for gives me the training, opportunities, and environment to truly thrive. I’m a lucky girl!

Thanks for chatting with us, Quincy. To learn about how Return Path can improve your email marketing, schedule a demo today. Tell them Quincy sent you!

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