Ways to Increase Your CRM User Adoption Rate (Starting Right Now)

Trouble with CRM user adoption? You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to get their teams to consistently use their CRM (and while we’re not pointing fingers, the team that consistently struggles the most to use a CRM is a sales organization). The reasons for low user adoption run the gamut. Some organizations aren’t supplying their teams with enough training and support; other organizations aren’t leading from the top down.

A CRM is a large investment, so if you need to boost its adoption in your organization, follow some of these guidelines:

First Consider: What are End Users’ Needs?

You need to look at your CRM through the lens of the sales and development team to ensure it caters to all their specific needs. In fact, consider interviewing teams to find out how they’d like to see the platform operate.

According to a report from Salesforce, 66% of sales representatives spend time on administrative activities that have no direct relation to selling. So, organizations should consider working on reducing non-selling administrative tasks and, instead, prioritize the collection of quality data for users.

Offsetting the burden of data entry for users is achievable through a well-structured CRM and applications to increase its functionality. For a truly one-of-a-kind application that increases sales productivity, check out GridBuddy. This product – which integrates seamlessly with Salesforce – eliminates extra click paths to update information and easily keeps information in a single, editable grid.

Train Well and Provide Incentives

Providing an incentive for your sales and marketing teams makes user adoption achievable. Consider how daunting introducing a new technology may be for some users and ensure that everyone receives adequate training and feels comfortable using the platform. Introducing training programs with positive reinforcements increases motivation for users.

When the sales team gets valuable intelligence from the CRM when they need it, this helps them see the value of the system. CRM technology eliminates the heavy lifting sales teams deal with in terms of research and meeting preparations. And it allows for sales leaders to accurately and effectively tackle pipeline management.

Develop a Standard Data Management Process for Sales Teams

According to Harvard Business Review, 57% of employees admit that their leaders don’t do a good job at providing clear directions on how to manage tasks and assignments. For your CRM to house accurate data, teams need to understand how to interact with the platform. This helps eliminate out of date information and incomplete contact records.

Clearly defining a user workflow helps streamline the capturing of information. You should set standards for the level of data quality required and ensure your CRM technology process can support this initiative. This way, your CRM can give users access to more accurate and detailed records for sales and marketing.

Promote Data Quality

Whether your CRM is plagued by data that is missing, duplicated, inaccurate, formatted incorrectly, entered in the wrong field, or a combination of the aforementioned issues, your organization faces some level of poor data quality. All that bad data severely impacts critical business functions and negatively impacts user adoption. If the data in the CRM is bad, no one will trust it and, therefore, no one will use it. It’s a vicious cycle.

The fix? Investing in CRM data quality. When the organization can trust that the data in the CRM is well-maintained and accurate, they will actively use it for reporting and their daily activities. Think you may have a massive data quality problem on your hands? Turn to Validity, creators of DemandTools and TrustAssessments.

In conclusion, a CRM is only useful if it’s used, and it’s only as good as the data it houses. In order to boost user adoption, explain its value, make it a part of training, provide incentives, and ensure you have a data quality management process in place.


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