Visit the Return Path Email Experts at DMEXCO 2018 and Attend our Work Lab

See you in Cologne in September. If you happen to work in marketing and do business in Europe, at this time of year you can be sure to hear that sentence more often than almost any other. And there are plenty of reasons for marketers to attend DMEXCO. On two days, more than 40,000 digital business and marketing professionals from over 100 countries meet to find out how the 1,000 exhibitors can help them innovate and improve on their marketing ROI. In addition, the conference programme is second to none with 550 top speakers – including Google’s SVP and Chief Business Officer and Publicis’ CEO – presenting on a total of 5 stages for 250 hours of inspirational sessions as well as hands-on advice and learning opportunities.

Return Path is excited to spend two days with email marketers from customers, potential customers and partners to discuss industry trends, new solution capabilities and share expert advice on how to make email perform even better.

We’d like to invite you to visit our email experts in hall 7 / A059 and ask them your most difficult email marketing questions. Are you worried about the impact GDPR has had on your list size? Would you like to start re-engaging with your inactive audience, but don’t know where to start? Are you asked to ramp up email frequency, but would rather optimize it based on engagement data? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please reach out to [email protected] to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

Subscriber engagement is also a key concern for all marketers aiming to leverage the customer lifecycle for their email campaigns. For several years now, CRM triggered emails and customer lifecycle communications have both been a major opportunity and significant challenge for e-marketers. Developing just the right communication depending on a client’s customer lifecycle can be very time consuming. Often marketers find it hard to determine where to even start. Leveraging a unique analytics method to illustrate email performance along the customer lifecycle, Guy Hanson and Sebastian Kluth will share learnings from a recent analysis project spanning a 12 month period during a DMEXCO Work Lab. Save the date: Thursday, 13 September at 11:30am.

German speakers will be able to get a first overview of how to efficiently track subscriber engagement by attending Sebastian Kluth’s Speakers Forum presentation on Wednesday 12 September at 11:30am. Find out which engagement metrics mailbox providers track to decide if your email will be delivered to the inbox – or spam folder. Hear from Sebastian on how to amplify positive behavior in order to help improve the performance of email campaigns at key points in the customer lifecycle.

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