Trust the Emails In Your CRM With Email Address Verification

Your ability to build strong customer relationships, nurture leads, and market effectively is directly tied to the accuracy of your CRM database. How can email address verification help you ensure key contact information is accurate?

Contact Information In Your CRM Database

Have you ever wondered how you went from having a strong relationship with a customer to a lost account in seemingly no time? The fact is, many times your relationship with a customer is only as good as your relationship with your internal champion at that organization. How good are you at keeping tabs on that individual’s whereabouts?

Has your sales team ever spent time trying to re-engage previously good accounts without realizing their contact left the company three months ago? Or even missed out on a great sales opportunity because they didn’t know a nurtured client had moved on to a different firm? Have they ever wasted time chasing leads, only to learn that information collected at a trade show is incorrect?

These are all common scenarios that lead individuals to question the accuracy and relevance of the emails in their CRM.

The Importance of Email Address Verification

Email address verification serves as a critical part of a marketing and sales team data strategy, as it lets you know if there is anyone attached to that inbox or if sending emails is really wasting precious time. To be as productive as possible, your sales team needs to be spending time reaching out to and communicating with real prospects.

Problems with contact information are compounded by bad data entry, but even the natural decay of email addresses in your CRM presents a compelling reason to use email address verification solutions. Did you know email data decays at a rate of approximately 2% a month? When you extrapolate that out, it means that somewhere around 25% of your emails will be incorrect by the end of the year.

Email Address Verification Supports Sales and Marketing Efforts

Now think about your lead generation machine. How long does it take for a lead to go from collected at an event to becoming a marketing qualified lead, then accepted as a sales qualified lead, and finally into a rep’s hands where they can start working the deal? Some emails will go invalid during that time and your reps will be wasting time chasing them down.

Now think about your existing customer base and how often your account management team can reach out to each customer. No matter how on top of things they are, the reality is the same as it is with lead emails. After time, your main point of contact at a customer will move on, rendering their email invalid.

Not only do existing customers represent existing revenue, but they also frequently represent your best opportunity to upsell and cross-sell because they already trust you. Losing touch with that company can put both today and tomorrow’s revenue at risk if a new connection isn’t established quickly.

Email Address Verification Solutions That Deliver

As you can see, email address verification serves as an important component of any marketing and sales communication strategy.

Trying to communicate with unverified emails is like talking out loud and hoping someone responds, and Validity can help solve this problem. Our new solution, Validity Verify, and the addition of the EmailConnect module in DemandTools can ensure that your team is always working with the most current email addresses, so they know there is always someone on the other side of that inbox.

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