Top 25 Email Marketing and Email Intelligence Blog Posts for 2013

If I could use only one word to describe the email discussion in 2013, it would be: Gmail. Google ruffled more one than enough feathers this year with a string of changes in Gmail, namely: the tabbed inbox, inbox ads, image caching and enabling all images, and stronger authentication requirements. This is really less about Gmail and the ever increasing importance of the inbox, and how companies like Google are investing more time and effort improving email security, the user experience, and monetizing the inbox.

When Gmail wasn’t stealing headlines and causing panic, Yahoo! recycled inactive email addresses calling for causing privacy advocates to cry foul and marketers proactively removing these names from their lists in fear of the new owners of the Yahoo! email addresses receiving potentially sensitive transactional emails, and to avoid any of these addresses converting into spam traps.

Speaking of spam traps, if you hadn’t heard of them before, you certainly did in 2013. Spamcop enabled new spam traps causing many senders to see spam trap numbers and blacklistings increase. Spamhaus, the world’s largest blacklist that also operates a spam trap network, continued to bring down spam operators and suffered the year’s largest DDoS attack in revenge. In fact, our most viewed webinar ever was a spam trap webinar.

You’ll find our top 25 most viewed (in descending order) based on total pageviews in Google Analytics. Keep these handy as you do your 2014 planning, since these topics will continue to be hot button items in the new year.

  1. Help! I'm blocked at Hotmail! What do I do now? By Tonya Mitchell
  2. Trap Tips: Avoiding and Removing Spam Traps By Jamie Lawler
  3. New Spamcop Traps Raise Old Issues by Christine Borgia
  4. 10 Tips on How to Identify a Phishing or Spoofing Email by Lauren Soares
  5. Additional Details About Yahoo! Inactive Account Release by Christine Borgia
  6. Gmail Tabs Analysis: Don’t Panic Just Yet by Tom Sather
  7. Yahoo! Announces Help For Senders During Account Transition by Todd Herr
  8. What is a Feedback Loop? By Henry Gutierrez
  9. Just how engaging are birthday emails? By Joanna Roberts
  10. How to Delist Your IPs at Spamhaus by John Pollard
  11. Build Your DMARC Record in 15 Minutes by Cherie Ansari
  12. Do Gmail’s Promotion Tab Ads Violate CAN-SPAM? by Tori Funkhouser
  13. Yahoo Releasing Inactive User IDs by Christine Borgia
  14. Inactive Subscribers Don’t Hurt Until They Do by Melinda Plemel
  15. Dealing With Gmail Tabs: Just How Effective Are Dedicated Gmail Campaigns? by Joanna Roberts
  16. "Free" is not a Dirty Word (and 4 other Subject Line Findings) by Julia Peavy
  17. Subject Lines Are More Important Than Ever: 4 Ways to Optimize by Margaret Farmakis
  18. Google’s Image Caching – Much Ado about Not Much? by Todd Herr
  19. Battle of the Brands Infographic by Julia Peavy
  20. Reading your first DMARC reports by Cherie Ansari
  21. Handling Gmail Tabs the Right Way by Clea Manchester
  22. Gmail Kills "Display Images Below", Enables All Images by Default by Melinda Plemel
  23. The Goldilocks Challenge of Responsive Email Design – Part I: Too little by Dale Langley
  24. Google Doubles Down on Weak DKIM Keys: What You Need to Do Now to be Compliant by Ken Takahashi
  25. A Spammer's Little Black Book by Dana Huten

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