There’s Nothing Scary About Doubling Your Sales Team’s Productivity

What could doubling your sales team’s productivity do for your company and its bottom line? While your competitors may just mask the problem; you’re ready to do something about it, and we’re ready to help. In this article, we discuss how to be proactive and give your team back hours each week for greater sales productivity and increased revenue. 


Productivity Matters

These days, it seems like you can’t get away from the concept of productivity. Whether you’re trying to squeeze in that quick trip to the gym or throwing in another load of laundry, our lives are full of “well, I better do something useful with my time.

The workplace is no exception. If you’re like me, you often catch yourself multi-tasking during meetings (uh-oh, did they just say my name?) or fitting in that extra hour of work during lunchtime. There must be a better way.

With all the available tools across the industry, it seems absurd that sales teams are STILL spending hours every week making updates and managing data in CRM systems. I encourage you to approach one of your sales reps and ask, “Hey… how much do you love making updates in Salesforce?” and then get back to us.  

If you’re loving your CRM system and feel like your users have fully adopted its processes, then maybe this article isn’t for you. If you’re still reading, you’re probably thinking, “She might be on to something; maybe there IS a better way to navigate our CRM.” 


A Better Way for Sales Teams to Navigate the CRM

Well, you’re right. I have a surprise for you, and not a scary Halloween surprise, a surprise that might just double the productivity of your sales team. I mean… I’m not saying that you would be a company hero, but you might as well go out and buy the cape.  

Our solution allows you to turn “I’m going to be productive” into “I’m CREATING productivity.” GridBuddy is the most productive user experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our data integration solution combines the data your Salesforce end users need into one simple view so they can get their work done quickly.


Why GridBuddy for Doubling Your Sales Team’s Productivity?

Here’s the truth:

1. Your sales representatives are still using spreadsheets. 

It’s true, it’s unfortunate, but it’s easier than working directly in CRM systems. The reason? You can’t edit all the data inline that you possibly need in Salesforce directly. It just doesn’t work like that. Reps end up spending way too much time clicking in and out of opportunities, opening new screens and wanting to toss their laptops out of a window. Thus, they opt for spreadsheets. 

GridBuddy functions like a spreadsheet (but with more capabilities), making it appealing to sales representatives and simple to use. By greatly reducing the number of clicks it takes to manage critical data in the CRM, GridBuddy puts hours back into a typical selling week.  


2. Our Validity sales team is using GridBuddy, saving time, and getting stuff done. 

There’s nothing quite like a story that hits close to home. Here at Validity, our reps are using and LOVING GridBuddy. It makes editing and updating opportunities that much easier. They’re closing more deals than ever and don’t hate working in CRM systems. If that isn’t a win, then what is?  

GridBuddy is just amazing. It’s easy to use and cuts the time it takes to update a cross-sell by at least half. No more having to navigate 1000 open tabs, you can get it all done in one!”  

Jake Spitzer, Sales Development Representative, Validity, Inc.  


3. You can calculate how much money and time is yours to take back.  

Why take my word for it? You can calculate for yourself how much money and time you could be saving with GridBuddy. Come play around with our ROI calculator, and while you’re there, be sure to look at our GridBuddy demonstration video. We put our application to the test against Salesforce Lightning and the results are going to blow your mind. It might be Halloween season, but this solution is more treat than trick.  

Ready to double your productivity and take your sales teams to new heights? Contact us for a demo.  

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