The Return Path Dream Fund Award Goes to….

At Return Path, we believe that the passion and creativity of our employees emerge when they know their efforts make a difference in their communities. At Return Path, we encourage our employees’ efforts to build strong partnerships and add lasting value in the communities in which we operate, and we support volunteerism. By establishing the Dream Fund, Return Path is pleased to provide financial assistance towards our employees’ ability to make a positive impact globally, locally, and through grassroots initiatives, by helping individuals, communities, and promoting social responsibility both on a global and local level.

What is it? Through the Dream Fund, Return Path will make a $10,000 grant to support eligible charities or community outreach programs that make a positive impact on the communities in which Return Path operates.

How will this happen? Grants will be awarded based upon employee-submitted applications that describe the purpose of the project.

Q3 2013 Dream Fund award is… Team Flood Cleanup. In chosing this from many worthy applications, Return Path felt that the Flood Relief Efforts would be the most impactful right now and touched an issue that resonated with our offices around the world.  This team will use Return Path’s contributions to help multiday cleanup efforts in the Colorado area, and to provide displaced families with a “Welcome Home” gift basket when they are able to get back into their homes.
181_w640On October 18th a small group of Return Path employees had the distinct pleasure of supporting a business owner in Loveland, CO following the recent 2013 flooding.  Our efforts were coordinated through a non-profit calledAll Hands and they were absolutely wonderful.  The area of Loveland was hit by the September floods very unexpectedly and many business owners never even thought about flood insurance because they are not in a traditional ‘flood plain’.  Tony, the owner of the facility we supported was one of those people and the businesses inside of his property were subsequently effected.  The total damage was estimated to be 2.5 Million dollars and FEMA could give them $500,000 to help rebuild.  Our efforts and all the volunteers are “the only reason we’ll be able to reopen these business” according to the owner.

The area of focus for our work on the property houses the Loveland Athletic Club and the owners of that business are understandably anxious to get back to supporting their patrons and the community.  “There are no words or amount of appreciation that can measure what you’ve done for me and these businesses” said Tony.  “The world should really know more about your efforts and you don’t receive the recognition you deserve,” speaking about All Hands and their volunteers.  An absolutely beautiful sentiment that touched everyone involved because we weren’t even looking for a thank you, merely the opportunity to help someone in need.

To learn more about how All Hands helps communities across the globe as well as here in Colorado visit their site;

To learn more about Loveland Athletic Club visit their site; or on FB at

Special shout-outs: Cathy Hawley, Cody Bender, Patricia Cotosman, Derek Crosen, Dan Diekhoff, Margot Romary, Tonya Mitchell, Jeff Green, Kelly Hogan, Jesse Bell, Angela Fitzgerald, Jill McGee, Kristin Demafeliz, Lisa Mashkouri, Tammy Shimp, Desiree Schillinger, Jeremy Goldsmith, Travis Stiles, Kim Molinelli, Jeremy McGuire, Nathan McIntyre, Les Barstow, Elizabeth Schweyen, Melinda Plemel, Robert Barclay, Daniella Bohill, Anna-Karin Glipe, Zach Cohen, Valeria Oleary, Kristin Turner, Andy Fortna, Rebecca Thompson, Will Stanton, Hyrum Toth, Joanna Roberts, David Sieh, Michelle Pelletier, Cerah Hedrick, Terry Shields, Jennifer Granda… and many many more!!




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