The DMA Acquires the EEC

As part of a larger announcement on a number of email initiatives, the DMA announced today that it is acquiring the Email Experience Council (EEC). The Email Marketing Council of the DMA (of which I have served as Vice Chair for two years) will merge with the EEC under the banner of the Email Experience Council.

As someone active in leadership roles for both groups, I see the strong synergy between the mission and activities. I’m delighted for all involved – and especially for the industry. Merging the groups will help focus the work of so many talented and dedicated email marketers, and we’ll all enjoy the power and support of the DMA behind us.

I’m not Pollyanna about this at all – we have a lot of work to do to make the combined group a bulwark for the industry. But we will be doing so from a dual foundation that is solid and has really strong leadership at the helm and at the committee level.

Here are my predictions:

  • The combined EEC will continue to grow in membership and sponsorship, as the group becomes even more the definitive source for email advocacy, best practices and subscriber experience.

  • The voice of email marketers will be heard more clearly and forcefully due to more focused work under the EEC banner — both in the C-suite and in the halls of state and federal government.

  • Some really smart email marketers who heretofore have not had the invitation or an appropriate forum to share their expertise will get involved and teach us more about how to make email marketing successful in “the real world.”

  • Email marketing will expand its toehold in the multi-channel strategies so essential to the marketing mix, particularly with postal direct mail and search. The work of the EEC will now be able to tap the Search and Postal Mail councils of the DMA to enhance our collective knowledge and develop more meaningful marketing experiments and case studies.

Memberships will merge seamlessly, so if you’ve been involved, you continue to be involved. If you are not active in either group, I urge you to join today. Email or call me if you would like to discuss ways to become active and tap all the good insight and ideas for your own organization.

Congrats to the DMA and the Email Experience Council! With continued focus, good leadership and more solid work at the committee level, the winner is all of us in email marketing.

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