The Busy Inbox: Are you Winning?

The inbox is a competitive place. Every day, email marketers are faced with sending the most relevant offers to their subscribers in hopes of standing out in the crowd and driving their subscribers to action.  It’s not an easy task. Subscribers are busier than ever reading their email on the go and receiving more and more emails (the average email user receives 147 messages every day according to the Insights from 5 Million Emails Infographic from Boomerang Gmail).

As someone who helps email marketers improve their email programs and stand out in the inbox, I'm very excited about a new beta feature Return Path just released as part of our Inbox Insight product, Subscriber Overlap.   This feature gives marketers an unprecedented view into how their own subscribers are engaging with mail from other senders.  Specifically, this feature allows marketers to see how much of their list overlaps with another sender’s. This other sender could be a direct competitor or could be one of the many large email senders out there like Amazon or eBay that are also competing for your subscribers' time and attention. Not only are marketers able to see how much of their own list overlaps with their competition, but they can also see:

  • How many of their subscribers are engaging with their competitors’ email
  • How many of their subscribers are ignoring their competitors’ email
  • How subscribers not on their list are engaging with their competitors’ email

With all of these variations, marketers are able to get a unique glimpse into the health of their list as well as how well their own campaigns are performing with shared subscribers.

Let’s look at an example where Sender Red competes with Sender Gray.  With data from Inbox Insight, Sender Red can see that 28% of its subscribers also receive email from Sender Gray.  More importantly, Sender Red can see that these shared subscribers read Sender Gray’s email twice as much (20.7% vs. 10%).  Sender Red can also see that Sender Gray’s subscribers read Sender Gray’s emails at a rate 68% higher (14.8% vs. 8.8%) than the rate Sender Red’s subscribers read Sender Red’s email.

Now that Sender Red understands how it compares directly to its competition in the inbox with shared subscribers, Sender Red is able to dive into what specific campaigns Sender Gray has sent that are resonating with their audience. Using Inbox Insight, Sender Red is able to see that its competitor, Sender Gray, is sending smaller, more targeted campaigns that generate higher engagement with their subscribers. In addition, Sender Red is able to see that Sender Gray is utilizing subject line personalization and dynamic content to drive higher engagement.  With these insights, Sender Red is better able to understand how Sender Gray is winning the inbox war with the shared subscribers and what tactics to use to start optimizing their own emails.

Want to see if you are standing out in the inbox and take advantage of all the competitive insights Inbox Insight provides? Current Inbox Insight customers already have access to these beta features so login and take them for a spin or contact your Account Manager for more details. Not currently utilizing Inbox Insight to optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI? Contact Return Path to learn more.

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