The Best Welcome Email I Ever Received

As most email marketers know, a welcome email is one of, if not the, most important aspects of a successful email program.  For many of your subscribers, the welcome message is their first interaction with your brand so it’s crucial to make a positive first impression to help create a strong and lasting relationship. Plus, according to a recent Return Path welcome email study, people who read welcome emails are much more likely to read your subsequent messages and be higher-value subscribers than those who don’t.

Do you need some fresh, new ideas for your welcome message? Here are some that caught our eye and topped our list of favorites:

bonnie_maloneBonnie Malone

Subject Line: Welcome to AAA
This welcome message from AAA is chock-full of great information to get me started with my new membership. It used a personalized headline to let me know print materials were on the way, and then provided lots of useful content to get me engaged on the website immediately. In addition, the email acts as a helpful resource for me to keep in my email files and reference again and again in the future.”


casey_swanton_w1024Cassie Swanton

Subject Line: Welcome to MapMyRun!
This straight-forward email succinctly explains the benefits of MapMyRun in a well-designed template that makes excellent use of text and images as well as a GIF which adds interest. The ample white space, bold call to action buttons, and crisp images draw the eye through the email when skimming and make it easy for the subscriber to take next steps. Additionally, this template is responsive and renders well in desktop and mobile environments.”


stephanie_colleton_w1024Stephanie Colleton

Subject Line: REI Welcomes You With 15% Off!
Outdoor apparel and gear retailer REI sends a clean welcome message that welcomes the new subscriber by saying “We’re so glad you’re part of the REI Gearmail crew.” It makes the subscriber feel less like a potential sale and more like a part of a community. This theme is continued with the closing “Thanks for joining us on the trail.” The primary call to action is to collect more information about the subscriber’s interests so that REI can customize their email messages.”


guyGuy Hanson

Hotel Chocolat
Subject Line: Welcome to Hotel Chocolat and a chocolate adventure!
The welcome email is always held up to an extremely important element of email marketing best practice, as it performs a number of important roles. These include, providing an early validation of the email address that has been supplied, setting expectations about what will happen next, providing contact information, promoting other channels, and providing positive reinforcement of the initial brand experience. This example from Hotel Chocolat is impressive because it illustrates practically all of these elements in a single email and includes a warm and convincingly genuine statement thanking the new subscriber for having signed up.”


alexandra_braunsteinAlexandra Braunstein

Subject Line: The feeling’s mutual…
JetBlue’s welcome email allows the brand’s fun and playful side to shine through with their casual language and catchy subject line. They thank the subscriber for joining their list and outline all the benefits of their email program including, great offers and promotions, travel inspiration, and more. Then, something which you don’t see very often, they allow the subscriber to set their own frequency terms. The subscriber can either decide to jump right in or take it slow by receive a few more emails highlighting the benefits of JetBlue’s email program before fully committing to the program.”


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