The Best Post-Purchase Email I Ever Received

As marketers, we often put the majority of our focus on sending our subscribers compelling email offers aimed at getting a sale. We tend to put less focus on the messages a subscriber receives after the purchase. However, in today’s landscape, with online shopping growing at an exponential rate and expected to reach $370 billion in 2017 (Forrester Research), marketers need to ensure their subscribers’ email experience is a positive one, both before and after the sale.

Post-purchase emails, whether a transactional email (e.g., confirming a purchase or detailing shipping information), a product review email, or a survey email, are a key component towards strengthening the customer relationship, helping to build long-term loyalty and repeat purchases. Not only do these emails help strengthen your relationship with online buyers but you can incorporate them into the in-store buying process as well.

Return Path’s Professional Services team for North America selected a few recent favorites showcasing a variety of post-purchase message tactics.

casey_swanton_w1024Casey Swanton
Sender: StitchFix
Subject Line: Your fix is on its way! With a purchase process outside of the typical online shopping experience, StitchFix smartly reiterated what to expect for 1st-time users. This transactional email serves as a shipping notification but also sets expectations by clearly outlining next steps in the process. The crisp styling is perfectly on-brand, tying in with the site experience as well as the package and styling materials that arrived within days of the email. The actionable footer also gained them bonus points regarding the overall subscriber experience.
























lauraLaura Christensen
Sender: Nordstrom
Subject Line: Find out when your order will arrive
A clear, action-oriented subject line compels customers to open this order confirmation email from Nordstrom. The email not only communicates when to expect delivery but includes detailed information about the items purchased, including images which make the message more visually appealing. Nordstrom prompts continued subscriber engagement by offering customers a variety of ways to contact customer service, promoting cross-sell items, and providing opportunities to connect with the brand on various social channels.





























henryHenry Gutierrez

Sender: Groupon
Subject Line: Purchase confirmed: thank you for your purchase!
There are some subtle things I like in this email that senders often forget. First, the “you’re awesome” heading starts off the email with a great tone. Second, before I scroll down I can already see a call to action with the blue button. And, if that’s all I needed, then I’m done. The email continues by prioritizing the remaining content (prices, credit card information, and next steps). Next, it explains how to use the voucher if you’ve never done that before. And way down at the very bottom, they include additional recommendations for purchase items and an ad for their mobile app. It’s important to prioritize the reasons why someone opened the email in the first place, especially when including promotional content.



















alexandra_braunsteinAlexandra Braunstein

Sender: Abercrombie & Fitch
Subject Line: Thanks for stopping by! Can’t wait to do it again…br /> Abercrombie understands that shoppers have many options when making a purchase. They go out of their way to thank customers for their business. An in-store purchase is followed up by a thank you email, setting them apart from other retailers. The simple but visually appealing layout includes a signed salutation, giving the message a very personalized one to one feel. It is also easy to read and digest regardless of the viewing device.
















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