The Best Mobile Optimized Email I Ever Received

Having mobile-optimized email templates is an essential component of providing a positive subscriber experience. According to recent data from Litmus, email opens via mobile are hovering at around 48%. With nearly half of all subscribers accessing emails on their mobile devices, it’s not surprise that approximately 56% of emails were optimized for mobile devices when this report was compiled in June of 2015.

With so many mobile-friendly messages to chose from, Return Path’s Professional Services team for North America has selected a few recent favorites that represent some of the fun, engaging, and smart tactics that are being applied in the mobile-optimized space.

bonnie_headshot_2013_crop_w1024 (1)Bonnie Malone

Sender: Red Tricycle
Subject line: These Scavenger Hunt Ideas are Winners

Red Tricycle uses this “1, 2, 3” format to provide content related to a daily theme. It’s quick to scroll through and the multiple links make it easy to click and read the full article. This layout make the message bite-sized and fun to consume amid more lengthy emails in my inbox.



resized (1)Alexandra Braunstein

Sender: theSkimm
Subject line: Daily Skimm: bottoms up

theSkimm, a daily email newsletter covering the latest news headlines, designs their emails with their audience in mind by using a mobile friendly format and including all the content within the message. Although this may go against a general email best practice to have skimmable content, in this case it’s okay. The message is smartly designed to align with the needs of their subscriber base, which is most likely consuming these emails on their phone during their morning commute and may not have time to click over to a webpage, but instead want to have all the information right there in their inbox.



henry_profile_pic_w1024Henry Gutierrez

Sender: NFL Shop
Subject line: Redskins Win Week 2! Shop for NEW Gear!

I like the simplicity of this email. The more prominent red banner highlights the current deal, and a few pictures are shown of the actual team products. Within the main image, there are also categories for team products in large font. A navigation bar at the top allows for further browsing, as well as other team links at the bottom in case I’m interested. It doesn’t contain a lot of verbiage and gets straight to the point. Other highlights include knowing my preferred team and sending minutes after the team’s victory.



stephanie_headshot_2013_w1024 (1)Stephanie Colleton

Sender: Tablet Hotels
Subject line: We’re Mobile

Not everyone is mobile-friendly yet; for many marketers there is still room for improvement. Tablet Hotels just announced their first mobile-friendly website and sent a humorous message to mark the occasion. This smart approach resets expectations with site visitors who may have had a less-than-optimal experience on their mobile device.  While the email is funny and self-deprecating, we would suggest they use a smaller logo to make sure that their emails are mobile friendly, too.



casey_headshot_2013_w1024 (1)Casey Swanton

Sender: Expedia
Subject line: ☆ You just scored! ☆ Travel deals just for you

Expedia has taken a mobile-first approach with their templates, using a single column design, bold tap targets, and streamlined content. A call-out to download the Expedia app has prime placement, encouraging mobile viewers to further integrate the Expedia brand into their browsing and buying actions. Copy is succinct and compelling, calls to action are clear, and the images are dreamy. They did misstep with the tight spacing of their footer links, however. The close placement of the “Update Preferences” and “Customer Service” links looks to be a recipe for subscriber frustration.


Not sure how your subscribers are accessing their inboxes? Return Path offers clear, digestible means to understand how your audience accessing and seeing your messages through our Email Optimization Suite. Check out Email Client Monitor for more information on the devices that are being used to view your emails, and use Inbox Preview to get more insights into how your messages are rendering.

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